Bee passionate

Two sisters, with a love of

all things bee related!

Let It Bee is a partnership of two bee-loving sisters producing all natural and sustainable products with Birmingham honey and beeswax.

Jane’s Story

I’ve always been totally fascinated by bees and love honey! 

I started beekeeping in 2010 and now have around ten hives producing award-winning honey and beeswax. My hives are in various gardens in and around the Birmingham suburbs of Kings Norton and Cotteridge, and also on my allotment.

As well as looking after these bees, I’m involved in the local beekeeping association and help support and train new beekeepers.


Honey and beeswax are wonderfully natural products with antiseptic, healing and moisturising qualities.

With super sensitive skin and wanting to cut back on plastics I started making my own balms and soap for myself. I got a bit carried away and produced way too much and so I started giving them out to friends and neighbours.

They all loved them! Their feedback and enthusiasm helped me refine my recipes and inspired lots of new ones too.

Buzzing with ideas and orders I decided to set up Let It Bee and persuaded my sister, Gillian, to join me.

Our products are all lovingly handmade in small batches and bee-utifully packaged using 100% recyclable or reusable materials.

We hope you’ll enjoy them as much as our family and friends do.


Jane and Gillian

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