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Sustainable, natural products,

made with help from our bees!

A range of 100% natural products

At Let It Bee, we use honey and beeswax to hand make products for ourselves, our friends and families, which we’re pleased to share with you.

We hope you like them!

Skincare Products

Our Let It Bee skincare products are naturally nourishing, harnessing the antiseptic and moisturising qualities of honey and beeswax.

100% natural, they are ideal for those with sensitive skin.

All our soaps, hand balms and lip balms are handmade in small batches, using honey and beeswax from our own bees in south Birmingham.

Bee-utiful Beeswax

Beeswax is a natural wax produced by worker bees in the hives of honeybees.

It has a pleasant honey aroma but no taste and is used in the food industry, as a film to wrap cheese for maturing or as a food additive to give shine to the products, making it perfect for our food wraps and snack bags.

Beeswax also makes great candles, which burn brightly and give off a delightful scent without the need for any added fragrance or toxins.

Latest news and events

Our latest news

Why do bees swarm?

If you see a big, swirling cloud heading out across the rooftops and trees, it could be a swarm of honey bees. They have left the safety and warmth of their hive and are flying off to find a new home – a hole in a tree, a chimney or an empty hive. It's an awesome...

Make your garden irresistible to bees

Spring is finally here. As the weather warms up honeybees are emerging to look for nectar and pollen, food that provides the energy needed to build up their colonies. With an average of at least 20,000 to 40,000 bees in a typical beehive, they need lots of food!

Beauty and the Bees

Products from the beehive have improved human lives for thousands of years. So what bee goodies do we use in our different skincare products and why?  Our bees produce raw, unheated honey which is a natural source of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants....

Honeycomb is awesome

All honeys from local hives are delicious and have distinctive flavours. Most honey lovers like runny honey but spreading it thickly on your toast is tricky as it dribbles :-). For me honeycomb is the very best way to enjoy honey and it's the reason I became a...

What do honey bees do in the winter?

I'm often asked what happens to bee colonies in the winter. Well for many bees and wasps only the queens live through the winter. However, honey bees are different as they remain active all year around.  At this time of year the drones (male bees) get kicked out...

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We have finished all our markets for the year. We’ll let you know as soon as we have confirmed dates and venues for more in 2022 and look forward to seeing you there.

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