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Award winning honey and beeswax

Wow! September was a busy month with two big honey shows – the Birmingham Honey Show at Winterbourne Gardens and the Warwickshire County Show. It was a lot of meticulous work preparing all my entries, but it was worth it. I came away with 5 first prizes, 5 second prizes and a bunch of ‘highly commended’ entries. I’ve been to tell my bees that they have award-winning honey and beeswax 🥰.

As beekeepers our work slows down significantly in October – the weather cools down, the forage is vastly reduced – except the ivy which is buzzing with pollinators. We are making sure the colonies are healthy and heavy with honey stores to see them through the winter. As the days get colder the colony will cluster around the queen and keep warm waiting for the arrival of spring. The workers have already kicked out the male bees – the drones – so there are fewer mouths to feed over the winter. 

For us though there is no time to chill!  Gill and I are now busy preparing for lots of local Birmingham markets coming up over the next 3 months. We’re kicking off the spooky season at the vibrant Kings Heath Artisan Market on Sunday 8 October. Details of all our markets will be available on our website. We’ll be selling all our usual goodies as well as some fabulous, new products – bee-themed of course!

Later this month we’ll be joining other beekeepers around the country to celebrate National Honey Day. Bees are some of the hardest working creatures on the planet and our world would be a very different place without them. So please support our bees by buying honey from local beekeepers and planting lots of pollinator-friendly plants and shrubs in your garden. Autumn is a great time to plant lots of lovely Spring flowering bulbs. Look for the ‘bee-friendly’ logo on the packaging.  

And, finally, a special plea for our bees. We have a major new threat to our honeybees and other pollinators. We need your help so please check out the pages here or download the Asian Hornet Watch ap to learn more and record suspected sightings. Thank you!

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